Meditation Journal #3 – Meditating While Sick

I attempted to practice while sick one day this week. Here’s my entry from my meditation journal.

9/1/16- 11:00 am.

Practiced calm-abiding for about 25 minutes(with 15 minutes of actual meditating). I’ve been sick for the past three days with a cold that’s all but robbed me of my voice. I didn’t meditate yesterday or the day before because I was just too sick, but I really wanted to practice today. I wondered if I should really be meditating while sick. A quick Internet search informed me that many teachers and lamas say it’s almost better to meditate when you’re sick. I wonder what my teacher would say. I’ll have to ask Rinpoche the next time I see him.

I practiced taking refuge and cultivating bodichitta. I imagined myself walking through campus taking on the colds and sore throats of other students, and sending them health and happiness in return. The weird part is that my mind felt quieter and more calm today while I’m sick. I though it would be the opposite. It was actually a bit easier to stay focused on my posture and breathing.


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