Meditation Journal Entry #1

Hello readers,

I decided to write down my meditation sessions in my journal for the next five or six days and then share them here. Writing my experiences down is helpful for me because I can look back at it and see what I learned. Hopefully they will be helpful to others as well. The following is my entry from yesterday. I’ll post today’s in a bit. First I have to wake up and actually practice!

8:59 on a Sunday morning. I decided to play hooky from the sangha and practice at home instead. I practiced calm abiding meditation, and sat for about 45 minutes.

I got up early before my wife did so I could practice in silence. No TV, no noise, just me and my breath. I could hear everything: the cat cleaning himself next to me, the clock ticking in the next room, the A/C kicking on. Voices outside and car doors slamming as people headed out to start their day. I made sure to keep breathing through it all, and mindfully naming the noises and sounds to stay focused.

I haven’t breathed so deeply all week. I feel so calm and refreshed. After the week I’ve had of running from class to class and trying to have a life in between, being able to sit and breathe deeply is like finally being able to have a cool glass of water when your through is completely parched.

My mind still raced, as always. I just tried to lightly note the racing and return to counting my breaths: 1…2…3…4…5…and back to 1. I think I had one or two quiet flashes without thoughts, but they didn’t last any longer than a second at the most.


One thought on “Meditation Journal Entry #1

  1. It’s amazing how the little things like focusing on your breathing and allowing yourself be still for awhile can have such a huge impact on your well being and your day. I usually do this in nature when I found a neat spot I can feel at peace and the silence and just being always gives me such a strong feeling of renewal, bliss and gratification.

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