Meanings of Buddhist Prayer Flags


9 thoughts on “Meanings of Buddhist Prayer Flags

  1. Love this post. We have a string of prayer flags hanging from our front porch. I feel like they’ve helped, and I find them beautiful.

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      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice this till now. Let me see how I can explain it…I saw a post a while back that said, “Act like EVERYTHING is rigged in your favor”. So, I tried to do that, even if I was faking for a while. And every time I went outside I’d see those prayer flags waving in the wind and chose to believe that they were helping the Universe be rigged in my favor. Turns out thus far, it was. I’ll always have a string of them from now on.

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      2. I like it. I want to get some eventually. Do you know if there are any rules about hanging them indoors? I have an apartment, and I don’t know if it would be smart to hang them on my porch. Or if it would even be allowed.

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      3. I have no idea about rules. The man who sold them to us said they could be hung everywhere. He had some hanging inside his shop. We didn’t hang them inside because we have a cathedral ceiling and they’d be obliterated by cobwebs by now. They look great on our porch, even if they’re all tattered and worn. They’d look great inside as well…but it’s the air that moves them that is supposed to send the prayers out

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