Practicing off the Cushion 

I went to a cookout with some of my sangha members this weekend, and naturally the conversation turned to our collective practice, which got me to thinking. My time on the cushion is very important to me as a newcomer. But it doesn’t end there. In many ways, the real work begins when I leave my cushion and head into the real world. Meditation practice is just like warm ups for life. I try to keep this in mind as much as possible. Meditation allows me to see into the nature of my mind. It doesn’t allow me to interact with the people and ideas that trigger me. It doesn’t allow me to practice compassion, understanding, etc. I’m not saying this to diminish meditation practice. I wouldn’t know how to practice compassion or understanding without it. What I am saying is that I can’t separate the two. Meditation is phase one of my practice. Stepping off the cushion and practicing in the real world is phase two.

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12 thoughts on “Practicing off the Cushion 

  1. I have read about Buddhist practices only in books and about the rules of the sangha. I wonder if all the norms are still practiced such as collecting laity, not owning more than one needed, to share what one gathered, to come to a decision through discussion…

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