Helpful Buddhist Books

If you’re new the practice of Buddhism like I am, one of the ways you probably discovered it was through books. This was true for me. I researched Buddhism for four years before deciding it was right for me. I read every book on Buddhism I could find, regardless of tradition. Here is a list of the books that have inspired me and been the most helpful on my journey thus far. I hope that they will be a source of inspiration for you as well.
Taking the Leap- Pema Chodron 

The Places That Scare You- Pema Chodron 

The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching – Thich Nhat Han

Answers From the Heart- Thich Nhat Han

Meditation for Beginners- Jack Kornfield 

A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation- Paramananda

What Makes You Not a Buddhist- Dzongar Jamyanh Khyentse 


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