Taking My Own Advice

Less than hour after writing the post about not giving in to anger and perpetuating violence I found myself involved in another heated conversation about Orlando. When it was done I was shaking a bit. I just can’t understand how people can justify violence and hate. It’s unbelievable.

I knew what I had to do. I sat in front of my shrine and practiced cultivating bodhicitta as best I could. I only sat for about five minutes, but when I stood up the anger was gone. It worked.

You can do a simple bodhicitta practice by sitting quietly and breathing. Repeat these words in your mind:

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be free from suffering.

May beings love and care for themselves.

May all beings find peace.

Give it a try. You’ll find it very peaceful, and it actually works the more you do it.

Rise Like A Lotus.

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