How the Buddha handled insults

Essence of Buddhism

How the Buddha handled insults

The Buddha was an absolute master in debate.

People from all over India would come to the Buddha to ask him questions and sometimes, to try to defeat him in debate.  And it’s a great to see how the Buddha actually handled himself against these people – because sometimes, he would come up with the coolest answers!

The Story of Akkosa

In the Akkosa Sutta, a man named Akkosa found out that one of his clansmen had just become a disciple of the Buddha.  Outraged, Akkosa went to the Buddha to give the Buddha a piece of his mind – he hurled abuse and insults at the Buddha, telling the Buddha what he thought of him in no uncertain terms.

The Buddha was unmoved in the slightest by this barrage of insults and just asked a question in return:

“Do you sometimes receive visitors…

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