New Beginnings- An Excerpt From My Private Journal

I was writing in my personal journal the other day, working with a prompt that talked about new beginnings. My mind quickly connected new beginnings with meditation. I thought I’d share here what I wrote:

“But maybe that’s not always true. Maybe I’m being hard on myself, a bit judgmental, even. Meditation is the practice of new beginnings. No practice session is the same. Each time we come to the cushion we  start over, we begin again. Every inhalation is a new chance, every exhalation a fresh start. And perhaps the most important part of that experience is not to judge it, not to seek to control it, not to have any expectations. Meditation works when we release our control over the situation and let Life work its magic unhindered. Maybe new beginnings are similar in that regard. Maybe in order for new beginnings to take place in our lives and to truly have an effect we have to stop trying to squeeze them through the filter of our own expectations.

Maybe it’s not change that we are so resistant to. Maybe that tension or worry that we might feel at the start of a new beginning comes from us trying to force Life to fit our narrow paradigms; and if we can just let go, maybe we can come to see new beginnings as the magical moments that they are.”